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Franklin D Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum

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On June 30, 1941, the Franklin D. Roosevelt library was first opened to the public. Roosevelt began sketching designs for his presidential library in April of 1937. President Roosevelt was an avid collector from early childhood on, and his wish was to make a library that would house his papers from all his political offices (New York state senator 1910-13, assistant secretary of the Navy 1913-19, governor of New York 1929-32, and President of the United States 1933-45), as well as a museum of history to display some of his collections for tourists. The library was built in Hyde Park, New York. Roosevelt was the first to memorialize himself in this way. This was also the first federal presidential library, and the fist attempt to save a presidential record from the mishandlings that often occur after their death. The library was built with the donations of private citizens, but was turned over to the federal government to be operated by the National Archives.



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by Emily S.

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