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Carolyn Ulrich

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Carolyn Ulrich, was a librarian and the original creator of Periodicals Directory: a Classified Guide to a Selected List of Current Periodicals Foreign and Domestic, now more commonly known as Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory. While employed as the former cheif of the periodicals division of the New York Public Library (from 1922 through her retirement in 1946) Ulrich acted upon the need for access to this type of information to be compiled. While it is not unusual that librarians have developed useful tools, it is somewhat unique that this reference book still uses Ulrich's name in its title. Ulrich was born in 1880 and had a long career working in various libraries around the Northeast. She completed the requirements for the certificate program in library science at Pratt Institute in 1918.



Source: http://www.ulrichsweb.com


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